Wk 13-Art experience-ACP

For the ACP i found random, mostly art related pieces around my house such as crayons, a copy of a drawing I did, origami, and a coloring book picture. There were also un-art related things such as a seashell, an LA parking pass and a map.

The similarity of sending someone an ACP and a Snapchat is that it’s a form of communication. Both allow each person to start a conversation and express themselves in the types of pictures or media they send. However, Snapchat is limited to the amount of words you can send at a time and it only portrays a snapshot of that moment that soon disappears. An art care package on the other hand, allows you to send pieces of memorabilia that can be kept for as long as desired. For me, I think ephemera is precious when you can look back on the piece and remember a special memory like a movie ticket from your first date. But if you keep every single ticket for instance, I think it looses its special meaning because you start to forget why that ticket was special. Ephemera given to you by someone else like your grandma I think is only impactful if they tell you about their experience and the story about that ephemera.

I think the difference between art in a museum and art seen by a few is the level of personal experience. Thousands of people could look at a single picture in a museum but never truly understand what was the meaning behind the picture or the thought process behind it. Art seen by a few such as your family or your closest friends is so much more personal because they are able to see the experience behind the picture.
Since an art care package takes so much longer to delivery when compared to a Snapchat, I think there’s much more thought put into it. A Snapchat takes a few seconds to make and is pretty effortless but a care package could take hours and you could feel a real connection to the person through the pieces they chose to send. Like a meal prepared with love, you know they took time out of their day to create something for you specifically.

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