Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: none
Instagram: none

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen is a graduate student at the School of Art at CSULB where she is graduating this semester. She was also an undergraduate in Biology and has worked for various corporations. In the fall, she is planning on teaching Art 270 at CSULB which is titled “Intro to Printmaking”. Her work contains both her experiences in her biology career as well as her art career.

Formal Analysis

The artist utilizes google maps in her pieces and then uses paint on certain pars to warp the pictures and create an almost 3D effect. Her work is both macroscopic as seen in some of the pieces where you can see the full landscape. She also uses a microscopic technique like in the ones of the etched in writings on the trees that wouldn’t necessarily be the main focus point of the tree in a larger picture. To make her pieces, Jennifer uses a digital print and then masks it with photoshop and painting.

Content Analysis

Her work focuses on different sites such as historic landmarks, monuments, and landscapes. She also focuses on succession which she described as the disturbance of the land which overtime, causes changes in the landscape. Her pieces utilize Google maps as a reference of mapping in a historical way since it depicts urban changes. She also feels that this form of mapping can show the disturbances of urban growth on areas that were once all nature since Google maps shows an aerial viewpoint of a site.


In my opinion,  I thought the pieces were very cool and interesting. I liked how the pieces made you look twice since they had a warping effect on them. I also liked how the artist included both large aerial scenes and also close up shots of a site. For me, this technique made me think about areas as a whole and how they’ve changed over time and also areas that when seen as a whole, people my see as a disturbance but when looked at without any other context, you can find the beauty in it. IMG_0476IMG_0477IMG_0480



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