Wk 12-game design-geocaching

The first time I went geocaching, Jayson and I couldn’t find either one of the pieces and we looked in two different places on campus. That was kind of disappointing but it was still fun looking for them. I then went home and found some geocaches near me and actually found those pieces. It was exciting when I actually found it and the whole scavenger-like concept of the app was pretty cool. In a way, it made me think differently of places and maps because when looking at places on the geocache website, they’re little dots but then when you go out and try to find these dots, you’re not going to find them as a dot but rather a place and an object. These places and objects are then unique to our own experiences and emotions. Maps are made to get us from point A to point B and to see where we’re going but it doesn’t give us the experience. And each persons experience of a place is different. We could be standing  in a park and one person could feel extremely free and content in the fresh air while another person would rather be sitting inside. You can’t map out feelings and emotions onto a place , it has to be felt individually.

My cache coordinates: Latitude:33.794962 Longitude: -118.018091



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