Wk 11-Turning Pages

I think documenting some experiences is important so we can look back and reflect on where we’ve been and how much we’ve grown. However, words and photography can never fully capture an experience. An experience holds those in the moment emotions and thoughts that are unique to everyone and even if we try to explain them, the experience won’t be exactly the same. Even photographs can tell a story but its only a snapshot of time of that one moment. It can evoke emotion but it’s missing the background story to contain all of its emotion. I think any form of description of something lacks one aspect of the experience. For instance, a poem can capture the emotion but not the precision of the event and telling a story captures the event but not the emotion. In anything, there will be that experiential distance so when trying to capture a memory, documenting it in a way that captures the most important part of that moment for you is what’s most important. For this activity, not taking pictures in the library allowed me to pay more attention to everything that was going on and on the actual experience rather than focusing on capturing it on my phone. In comparison, having to take pictures in the Bookstore made me focus on what exactly I wanted to capture in that moment but less of what was going on all around me. Overall, it was a very different but cool experience.



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