Wk 10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox
Exhibition: Silent Screams
Media: Oil paper and oil paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Helenwernercox.com
Instagram: none

About the Artist

Helen Werner Cox is originally from New York where she was born and raised there until she was eighteen. She had also lived in Boston for eighteen years and has now lived in Long Beach for twenty-eight years. The artist is currently a graduate in the MFA Painting and Drawing program at Long Beach. She enjoys reading on her spare time and working on her low water garden. This specific show took her one year and three months to complete in which she put much dedication and effort into.


Formal Analysis

Throughout her work, some pieces are monochromatic while others have complimentary warm and cool colors. The material consists of chemically treated paper and then she starts with oil paints and then covers the picture with pastels. The nature of the lines are sinuous throughout. They also try to create energy and structure while representing motion.

Content Analysis

In her work, Helen uses the carousels as a symbol and metaphor for society. Like the carousels, we go around in circles and keep making the same mistakes. Like the horses on the merry-go-round, we seem to always be going forward yet never moving anywhere. However, as the artist states, if we are fortunate, we will break out of that circle and that momentum will carry us upwards.

Synthesis / My Experience

I thought the images were very cool. I loved how even though the pieces varied in sizes, each one had so much detail and impact on you. I thought the way the artist used oil paints first and then pastels was cool because I always used them separately so seeing the effect together makes me want to try that technique. Overall, I thought it was a great show with wonderful pieces.



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