Wk 9- Artist Conversation-Sean Joy Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig
Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery
Website: No website
Instagram: For personal use only

About the Artist

Sean Joy Cabanig is an undergraduate at CSULB and is working towards her BA degree in metals. This is her last year at Long Beach but she has just displayed her first show. She is originally from Los Angeles but now dorms in Long Beach. She applied for the creative writing major but switched to drawing and painting and then finally, metals. Sean enjoys reading, gaming, and experimenting in the studio. She describes her ideas as a journal of her emotions and daily life.


Formal Analysis

The metal pieces were mostly made of copper and silver. They ranged from small delicate pieces to large robust ones. The process to create these pieces begins with a sketch and then a paper model to get a feel of how it would form. She then uses wax or whatever material is at hand to make another model right before the final piece.

Content Analysis

Sean states that her work reflects whatever emotional time she is in and her random thoughts of the moment. Some of her work is also focused on the assigned type of project given and then she uses her emotional environment to make it personal. The artist encourages experimenting with different materials, techniques and textures. Her main focus was the balance between work and play. When you put in your very best effort into something you love to do, no matter how it turns out, you know you gave it your all and you should be proud of your work.

Synthesis / My Experience

I thought the pieces were very beautiful. Some of the more delicate pieces like the butterfly necklace would be something I could see myself wearing. The other larger ones were a little to heavy for personal use but they were still very cool to see.IMG_9878IMG_9877IMG_9876IMG_9879


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