Wk 9-art experience-Riley Smith


After the war that destroyed our planet and my family, I came to Moonbase Alpha in search of a home. I was only 18 at the time and it was hard to find a job and provide for myself. Then one day, an older man recognized me who knew my father and had fought along side him in the war. He remembered that my father had taught me how to fly the fighter planes back at home and knew of a recruitment at the defense base. I gratefully accepted the opportunity and with more training, I was recruited as a pilot to protect Moonbase Alpha. Some people ask if I worry that I’ll have the same fate as my father did flying the planes. I tell them, he died in the most honorable way possible; fighting for our home. And that’s not a bad way to go. Now it’s my job to protect my home and the citizens of this place.

check out some of my friends at Moonbase Alpha







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