Wk 8-Artist Conversation-Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy
Exhibition: Merge
Media: print making
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: no website at this time
Instagram: brijoy

About the Artist

Bri Joy is in her third year in the printmaking college and is a transfer from Orange Coast College. She is originally from a small town which she says really influences her work. She calls her hometown a wilderness of sorts compared to Long Beach because there were no cell phones. Her hobbies include being active in sports like yoga, surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

Formal Analysis

The media is on BFK paper which she has shipped over and then flattened to take the roll out and reclaim the surface. She then uses waterbased inks which are environmentally friendly but are best suited for fabric. The water base can sometimes warp the paper if she’s not careful which can be frustrating since there’s so much money involved. For her pieces, she constructed her own print boards to create the large images. She hasn’t seen anything that large created with print so she wanted to push herself to create the large art works. She describes her work as an organic abstraction rather than specific shapes. She wanted to create more of a vibe through the lines rather than focus on the way the lines were. Her main thing was to create conversation in her pieces instead of two concentrated areas.

Content Analysis

The pieces really explore the merging of her past and present and references where she came from and where she lives now. In her past, she lived in a community where everyone knew one another and then coming here, she noticed that everyone has their guard up and doesn’t  open up their personal lives as easily. Bri says that when someone does open up, it really makes you value the friendship more because there is a more genuine bond. Her work is very organic then transitions to a more digital atmosphere which shows her past in an organic city and then the culture shock to a larger city. She states that her work is very militant and precise and she slaves over her projects but in the end, it’s worth it.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, I thought Bri’s art pieces were very unique. It was something I’ve never seen before and it was really cool. It was inspirational to see new forms of art that I have never experienced before and how she took pieces from her past and present to create something beautiful.



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