Wk 5-Art Experience-Cuisine

This week, I decided to make dinner for my family and make something that I had never made before. For my cuisine, I made cilantro-lime grilled chicken with avocado salsa and rice. My family loves the lime/lemon taste so I knew it was something they would enjoy and in the end, it turned out tasting really good. To make this dish, you mix lime, olive oil, honey, garlic, and cilantro in a bowl and use that mix to marinate the chicken. After 2-4 hours of marinating, you can cook the chicken and then top it off with tomatoes, avocados,  onions, garlic, and lime. At the same time, cook the rice and mix it with lime, garlic and cilantro. This dish is something I will definitely use again and I know my family will like it again as well.


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